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Welcome to Randall Reed’s Planet Ford in Humble Finance Center

Congratulations! You have selected a reliable, stylish, and modern vehicle from Randall Reed’s Planet Ford in Humble. We’re excited we were able to help you find your perfect on-road companion, and now it’s time to make your purchase or lease official in our finance center.

Our finance professionals make it easy to secure accommodating financing or lease terms for your next ride, so you can drive away feeling confident. Before you cruise the streets of Humble, Houston, Kingwood, Porter, and New Caney, Texas, contact our team.

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Financing Experts on Your Side

In our finance center, you’ll work one-on-one with a team member who has one goal: to help you secure a payment package that works for you and your next vehicle. Whether you’re looking to take out an auto loan for your new or used car or want to take advantage of our Ford lease deals, they’ll guide you every step of the way.

Our seasoned experts are committed to finding you the best option for your lifestyle, which is why they work closely with trusted financing sources. They have built strong relationships with banks, lenders, and leasing companies, allowing them to find you a plan with the flexible terms you deserve. They’ll even negotiate on your behalf in an attempt to craft a customized contract that is easy to understand.

If you have any questions along the way, before, during, or after your financing appointment, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team will be happy to assist to ensure everything is made clear!

Buying vs Leasing a Ford: Which Is for You?

Deciding whether to buy or lease a new Ford is a crucial decision to make during your auto financing journey. It is important to know the differences between the two options so you can figure out which is best for you, and we’re here to help.


Looking to own your new or used Ford? Then buying might be the best option for you.

When you buy a vehicle, you will be responsible for paying for the entire model’s set value, but you have some options here.

While you can pay in full upfront, typically, buyers will choose a secure financing plan or auto loan. This includes making a payment upfront, as well as monthly payments with a set interest rate determined by your lender. Then, once it’s paid off, you’ll get to call the model your own!

Buying is a great option for those who drive many miles, plan on keeping their car for a long period of time, or wish to customize their set of wheels.


Leasing is quite different than buying and is often thought of as a long-term rental, which is great for drivers who always like to be commuting in the latest models.

When you lease a new Ford, you are only paying for the amount of the vehicle you use. In other terms, you pay for the depreciation that occurs with the vehicle while it’s in your possession. Contracts tend to last around three years on average; however, short-term and long-term options are available! 

A big perk of leasing is that since you won’t be paying for the entire value of the model, monthly payments and down payments are typically lower. This makes leasing a fantastic choice if you’re looking for lower payments, as well as a new vehicle every few years.

Online Car Shopping

Take Advantage of Online Financing Tools

At our dealership, we strive to make the financing process completely streamlined and easier for you. This is why we make sure you have the tools you need to get everything right now from home! Let’s take a look:

  • Trade-In Appraisal: Many of our customers choose to pad their down payment by trading in their current vehicle that they will no longer use. When you use our free online appraisal tool, you will receive an estimated value of your trade-in model, so when it’s time to visit the dealership, you’ll be fully prepared.
  • Payment Calculator: Our virtual payment calculator will help you determine the right monthly payments for your lifestyle. It allows you to play around with numbers as well, so you can customize your own payment plan and then find the model that fits into it.
  • Financing Application: Whether you’re buying or leasing, get the process started by completing our online application. It is quick, easy, and secure and gives our team the information needed to get started on tailoring your financing package.

Free Credit Score: Not sure where your credit stands? As monthly payments, interest rates, and more are typically based on your credit score, it’s smart to know your number before applying for financing. Use this free tool to find out, so you can be ready for the process.

Financing Your Next Vehicle at Randall Reed’s Planet Ford in Humble

At our Ford dealership, we want to help you throughout every aspect of your auto adventure, and that includes assisting in vehicle financing. When you’re ready to discuss your options and sign on the dotted line, contact the finance team at Randall Reed’s Planet Ford in Humble. They’ll make sure you feel good about your plan before taking on the roads of Humble, Houston, Kingwood, Porter, and New Caney, TX.

Contact us to get started today!

Use our free online appraisal tool to estimate the value of your trade-in, and our online payment calculator can help you find out what you can afford. When you are ready to buy or lease, you can fill out our quick online financing application, and our finance experts at Randall Reed’s Planet Ford will help guide you through the rest of the process.

Estimate Monthly Payments

Only an estimate. Excludes taxes, title, license, and insurance.
Monthly payment

The amount you can afford to pay monthly for the vehicle.

Down Payment

A down payment is an initial, upfront payment you make toward the total cost of the vehicle. Your down payment could be cash, the value of a trade-in, or both. The more you put down, the less you need to borrow. A larger down payment may also reduce your monthly payment and your total cost of financing.

Trade-in Value

The trade in value is the amount that a dealer is willing to offer you towards the purchase of a new vehicle in exchange for your current one. It’s typically based on the market value of your vehicle (the amount it would sell for on the open market).

Payoff Amount

Your payoff amount is how much you will actually have to pay to satisfy the terms of your mortgage loan and completely pay off your debt. Your payoff amount is different from your current balance.

Additional Down Payment

Additional down payment in cash.

Loan Term

This is the length of your auto loan, generally expressed in months. A shorter loan term (in which you make monthly payments for fewer months) will reduce your total loan cost. A longer loan can reduce your monthly payment, but you pay more interest over the life of the loan. A longer loan also puts you at risk for negative equity, which is when you owe more on the vehicle than the vehicle is worth.

Finance Rate (APR)

This is the annual percentage rate, and is not always the same as the interest rate. This represents the annual rate that is charged, and as such, is the actual annual cost to the consumer over the course of the auto loan. The APR will allow you to more easily shop and compare car loans, since it equates all loans to the same annual rate.



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